Tuesday, September 28, 2010

25 Things About The Freak I Married

3.Blonde inside.No doubts.
4.Sadistic pleasure in provoking fights,controversies,communal tensions...the like.
5.Fears CATS,loves dogs.
7.Closely resembles a precocious two-year old infant that demands attention all times,gets dangerously angry without food and sleep at appropriate intervals,and is supremely confident that the whole world is her oyster.
8.Lurves taking walks....
9.Zany when it comes to decorating,adjusting,accomodating,inventing,substituting creative crap for crap.(in a nice,crazy-genius kinda way)Amazing ability to invent smileys.
10.HATES mess.
11.Nazi director.
12.Family clown(lame one,at that.)
13.Killer charm in inveigling work,food,money outta unsuspecting human population surrounding her.
14.Loves Rushdie,slowest jhoola rides and giving blowjobs to ciggies.
15.Hates Lays American Cream and Onion,and mirch in her bread omelette.
16.Lurvees Banana Shake.(secret of her energy)
17.Lifelong ambition to be the Supreme Ruler of The Universe.Agenda in motion.
18.Has a funny dance routine to go with her game of self-antakshari.
19.Hates her hair.And subsequent hair-cuts.
20.Favorite phrases...."The trees are DANCING!'......"North Star!...its the star of love....!'..."pwetty"....
21.Has registers full of crazy comma impressions,paper flowers,buntings,patterns..(basic creative crap)
23.Hates being asked to lift her bony bum.
24.Takes extreme pleasure in giving random hugs to people on the road...(not people walking on the road...people she's walking with...don't expect you to be that bright if you're reading this..)
25.Knows and efeectively practises love spells.Period.

With all due respect,from an Evil Mind..

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