Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It makes no sense..

Is a battle within..
I try to move..
and the walls close in.
And just when it seems,
to devour me whole
the darkness erupts,
in a magical glow.
I see a sparrow
wild and free,
I see myelf
as free,as she..
the grass so green,
and the sky so blue,
I reach out to find
it all gone,untrue.
When will I wake up?
When wil i fly?
From this abyss of confusion,
Into the world truly mine.
Who will listen to me?
Blind in a deaf world..
Who will hold my hand,
and guide me through..
I am not afraid,
of being pushed and set aside,
All I fear is..
a darkness without light.


  1. how necessary is it to win the battle within

  2. it is a conflict,merely between two spaces.It is peace we look for,not a victory of one over the other.